H: armor list W: oe ap sent scout RL LL oe ap wwr usa LA C at Market76

Also looking for:

uny int sent heavy raider LA

oe ap sent heavy combat C RL

oe led sent scout RA

oe led wwr usa LL

ov ap jwr usa LA

u/onborrowedtime9 wish list:

Uny led sent marine ra

Uny int fdc LL Trapper

oe int sent scout ra usa

esa scout cp and arms

Have the following for trade and more:

Fixer :

Aa e25 2525 5025


B2525 e25

Q50c15c e15c

Handmade :

B2525 e25 5025


leather coat

red asylum

traveling leather coat

responders set

field jacket

For trade

Uny ap wwr wood LL

uny ap wwr heavy combat LL LL RL C

Uny ap sent heavy metal C

Uny ap sent heavy leather C LA RL

Uny ap htd trapper RA

Uny led wwr usa LL

Uny led htd wood C

Uny int fall damage h metal C

Uny int sent usa RA RL

Uny int sent fsa LL RL LA

Uny int sent marine C

Uny int sent trapper C

Ov fr wwr usa RA

Ov fr wwr marine C

Ov fr sent fsa RA

Ov rr wwr fsa LA

Ov rr sent fsa LL

Ov cr awr usa RL

Ov psn wwr heavy metal C

Ov led wwr h metal LL

Ov led wwr s metal LL

Ov led wwr fsa LA

Ov led wwr usa C

Oe led wwr marine LL

Oe led sent heavy combat LL

Ov led fdc usa LA

Ov ap wwr heavy raider LL LA

Ov ap sent marine C

Ov ap wwr fsa LL

Ov ap sneak heavy combat C RA

Ov ap sent marine C

Ov ap sent trapper RL

Ov ap sent sturdy metal RA

Ov ap sent heavy robot RL

Ov ap awr heavy combat LL

Ov ap htd trapper C

Ov ap cav usa LA

Ov ap cav marine LA

Ov ap sent heavy leather RL

Ov ap fdc heavy leather LL RL

Ov int htd usa C

Ov ap wwr PAraider RL

Asn led wwr fsa RA

Asn ap wwr usa LL C

Psa fsa C LL RL LA

Psa heavy combat LL RA RL

Psa hrobot RA

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