H: Berserker’s Emporium W: Assassins Armor at Market76

Switching from a Berserker to an Assassins build. Looking for Assassins T45 limbs. Any decent rolls with AP, Cryo, Fire, Poison, Sent, Cav, Weight Reductions, etc. Also looking for Assassins wood arms Ap/sent or AP/Cav. I could also use an. Assassins AP/sneak leather piece (prefer chest but any single limb will work). I’ve got pretty decent Assassins weapons but I’ll def hear any offers.

– Ber/25a/15r .50 Cal MG

– Ber/E/15r Black Powder Rifle

– Ber/SS/S Sheepsquatch Club

– Ber/E/15r 10mm Sub

– Ber/50c/15v Compound Bow

– Ber/SS/S Assaultron Blade

– Ber/25a/90 Fatman

– Ber/40/40 Chainsaw

– Ber/50v/1A Compound Bow

– Ber/50c Crossbow

– Ber/SS/S Shishkebab

– Ber/25a/90 Minigun

– Ber/E/Ghost LMG

– Ber/E/15r Western Revolver

– Ber/25/25 Enclave Plasma (SS, Reflex, Aligned Auto)

– Ber/25/25 Enclave Plasma (SS, Reflex, Aligned Flamer)

– Ber/50c/25 Enclave Plasma (SS, Reflex, Aligned Sniper)

– Ber/50c/25 Enclave Plasma Pistol (Reflex, Aligned Sniper)

– Ber/25/25 Enclave Plasma (SS, Short Recon Scope, Aligned Sniper)

– Ber/25/25 Elders Mark

– Ber/25a/90 Gatlin Gun

– Ber/50c/25 Hunting Rifle

– Ber/50c/15v Hunting Rifle

– Ber/E/15v Hunting Rifle

– Ber/E/25 Pipe Revolver

– Ber/E/15v Railway

– Ber/50v/15r Gauss Rifle

– Ber/25/25 10mm Pistol

– Ber/E/15r 10mm Pistol

– Ber/25/90 Missile Launcher

– Ber/50c/90 Assaultron Head

– Ber/25/Ghost Laser Rifle

– Ber/25/15v Alien Blaster

– Ber/25/25 Gamma Gun

– Ber/25/25 Handmade

– Ber/50v/25 Handmade

– Ber/E/25 Handmade

– Ber/50c/15v Handmade

– Ber/25/25 Auto Pipe Rifle

– Ber/50c/25 Radium

– Ber/25/25 Radium

– Ber/E/15v Combat Shotgun

– Ber/E/90 Combat Shotgun

– Ber/50c/15v :ever Action

– Ber/25a/50break Pump Shotgun

– Ber/E/15r Radium

– Ber/50c/15v Radium

– Ber/25/15r Submachingun (.45)

– Ber/25/90 Tesla

– Ber/50c/15v Dragon

– Ber/E/15r Dragon

– Ber/E/25 Fixer

– Ber/25/25 Fixer

– Ber/50c/15v Fixer

– Ber/RAP/25 Fixer

– Ber/50v/25 Fixer

– Ber/50c/25 Fixer

– Ber/25a/15v Fixer

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