H: Fixers, flamers and more oh my W: Commando/Heavy offers or to bundle for Uny/ap/wwr scout set at Market76

QE25 railway

GourE25 fixer

NocE25 fixer

NocE90 fixer

Noc25ffr15fr hm

J25ffr15fr heavy flamer

A25ffr15fr heavy flamer (assassins)

Supp25ffr15fr heavy flamer (suppressors)

AA25ffr15fr heavy flamer

Uny/ap/sent fsa set

Van/ap/sent heavy combat set

Ass/ap/sent ult pa set with jetpack arm

Ass/7%explo/sent ult pa set with jp arm


Red asylum

Responders set


Tons of bobbleheads (leaders, big guns, small guns, energy guns, explosive, melee) and flux (all colors)


Looking for AA, B, TS, V heavies with E15fr/90. AA, B, TS, Q, V commandos with 25ffr/Exp and 25lvc. Matching 3 star armor sets (no power armor please unless its Van/ap/sent ult RA and LL), and rare apparel offers for the weapons (no masks)

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