H: Guns and rare apparel bundle. W: Fixer and Railway Q5025. at Market76

Fixers: MuE25, BFFR90, ExeE25, B50H25, AAE15R, AA5015R, Exe5015R, B5025V B50B25 and AriFFR25. ALL Lv 50 Dragons: GourE15R, MuE15R. Lv45 Leverv Action Rifle: QE15V.lv 45 Handmade: TSE15R. Lv45 Railway: Q5050DR. Lv50 Light Machine Gun: VE25, TSE15R. Lv50 Fasnacht Masks: Brahman, Hag, Buffoon, Raven, Demon, Fiend, Winter Man, Loon, Deathclaw and Crazy Guy. Scout Masks: Urban and Forest Scout Mask. Jumpsuits: BoS and White Powder Jumpsuits.

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