H: List including Groll fixers and collector pieces W: Responders Set, Loon, Fiend, Hag and B/Q Commando and Railway offers at Market76

Thats just my wish list, let me know if we can work anything out, cheers.

P.S. Also chasing Demon, Buffoon, Brahmin and Forest Asylum

AAFFR15r Flamer

B2525 Fixer BE25 Fixer Jug2525 Fixer Ts50c25 Fixer V50c15c Fixer

AAE15v Handmade ME25 Handmade

AAFFR15r Railway TsFFR15r Railway BE50dr Railway

Q50c25 AR


F50c25 Radium

AA50c15v Lever

AAE15v Hunting Rifle

Q50c15c Plasma Pistol

B50c15r BP Pistol

TSE90 Pump Action

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