H: list of weapons / deathclaw, brahmin, and fiend masks W: junk, flux, q commando, and heavy offers at Market76

AA40pa 2* chainsaw

AA40ss25 Grognak axe

AA40pa40 shishkebab

AA40ss40 spear

AA40ss25 combat knife

AAE15fr railway rifle

AAE15fr minigun

AA50c25 lever gun

AA50vhc90rw gauss rifle

B2525 Fixer

BE15fr combat shotgun

JE90rw combat rifle

J40ss15 ski sword

M40ss 2* Chinese officer’s sword

M25ffr15c plasma rifle

QE15fr handmade

Q50vhc25 Tesla rifle

QE1p railway rifle

Q25ffr90 laser rifle

TS2525 Gatling plasma

V25ffr 2* plasma rifle

V40pa40 ski sword

V40ss15c Assaultron blade

V50c15fr Gatling plasma

Brahmin mask

Deathclaw mask

Fiend mask

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