H: long list of things W: Flux, btats, leaders, responder set, apparel, groll commando offers at Market76

~~~~~ Fixers: Q/rap/25 V/50C/25 V/50C/90RW V/50VHC/25 GS/50C/25 S/25/25 Mut/25/25 H/25/25 I/E/25 ~~~~~

~~~~~ B/E/25 Handmade ~~~~~

~~~~~ EPR (Aligned Auto, Stab Stock, Reflex) MutSlayer/50C/25 Q/50VHC/15C Gour/25/25 Ari/25/15C ~~~~~

~~~~~ Radium: TS/25/25 ~~~~~

~~~~~ Railway: Q/50LD/15FR B/50VHC/25 ~~~~~

~~~~~ Melee: B/40PA/25 Chainsaw GS/40PA/S Chainsaw V/50C/25 Chainsaw V/40PA/S Super Sledge J/40PA/S Multi-Purpose Axe MutSlayer/40PA/S Ski Sword V/40PA/S Super Sledge ~~~~~

~~~~~ Non-meta grolls: B/25/25 Western Revolver B/50C/25 Black Powder Rifle Jug/25/25 Hunting Rifle A/50C/25 Bow ~~~~~

~~~~~ Armor: Bol/AP/50B Heavy Leather LA Bol/AP/FallDmg Sturdy Leather RA Weightless/AP/Cav Sturdy Combat Armor Chest Uny/Agi/FDC FSA RL Uny/Str/FDC FSA LA Uny/End/WWR Robot Chest Cloak/Int/WWR USA Chest Reg/7LED/WWR USA RA ~~~~~

~~~~~ Apparel: Fiend Mask BOSJS WPJS Black Hazmat Suit Emmett Mountain Hazmat Suit Skull Lord Blood Eagle Suit Whitespring Jumpsuit Brotherhood Special Ops Mask ~~~~~

~~~~~ Plans & recipes: Wise Mothman Throne, Cultist Backpack, Bear Arm, Armor Plated Mod, 4x Rad Barrel, 2x Red Rocket Gas Station Lamp, Classic Jack O’Lantern, 4x Meat Week Flag, Half Empty Pumpkin Rack, Tattered Curtains, Track Lighting, Treasure Hunter Outfit Hat, Nuka Girl Area Rug, 2x Condemned Notification Sign, 2x Cultist Backpack, Decoy Ducks, 2x Grocery Cart Grill, 2x Wendigo Collosus Plushie, Brahmin Plushie, 2x Chally’s Feed, 3x Carnivore Serum, Scaly Skin Serum, Electrically Charged Serum 2x Large Ultracite Shard ~~~~~

~~~~~ Aid: Have around 2400 mixed Flux, 1700 Berry Mentats, junk & ammo. I use the flux and XP aid for adds mainly, so not for caps) ~~~~~

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