H: Max Caps W: Various Items, Plans, Weapons at Market76

Let me know what you’ve got to offer and how many caps you’d like.

Some ideas:


Coolant Canister

Plan: Meat Tenderizer

Plan: Ultracite Calibrated Shocks

Enclave Plasma Gun Aligned Flamer Barrel Mod

Fasnacht Masks – crazy guy, Deathclaw, winter man, Raven, other rare masks

Asylum Uniform- Forest, Yellow

Radicals Face Mask

Baseball bats level 45 – indigo, pink, yellow

Misc Items (for display) – let me know what you have

Q/50crit/? Railway (2 star is fine)

TS/50crit/? Alien Blaster (2 star is fine)

V/40PA/? Chainsaw (2 star is fine)

Q/AP/FR Tesla Rifle

Q/50vhc/FR Tesla Rifle

UNY/AP/WWR Armor Pieces, any type

UNY/?/WWR Left Arm (any type)

UNY/?/WWR Left Leg (any type)

UNY/?/WWR Right Arm (any type)

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