H: Plastic and Silver W: Appareal/Goodroll/Other junk at Market76

This is my ratio: – 8k plas/3k silv for fasnacht mask – 16k plas/6k silv for demon/hag/buffon mask – 20k plas/7,5k silv for Urban or Forest mask – 30k plas/12k silv for Fiend / Bos Js / Wht Js – 45k plas/17k silv for Loon mask – 50k plas/19k silv for Tlc/Responder’s/Camo Js – 60k plas/23k silv for Leather coat / Red Asylum – 80k plas/30k for Tatteread Field Jacket

Open to goodroll offers: – 2525/5025/e25 commandos – 2515/e15/2590/e90 heavy’s

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