H: Q50c25 Rail or Q2525 Fixer W: Read Desc at Market76

Looking to trade either my Q50c25 Rail, or Q2525 Fixer. Only trading one of these, unless the offer is to good. I also have 22k Railway spikes or 120k .45 I could add in for ammo exchange as well

Ideally looking for

Apparel – these pieces only FCJS/TLC/Red Asylum/LC/Responders Set/TFJ

AA/B 50C25/2525, or V2525 EPR. Must have Reflex + Stock

BE25/B2525/B50C25, or VE25 Fixers,

QE25 10MM Smg

AA/B 2590/2515R Gat Plas

AA/B/V 2590/2515R Flamers

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