H: Trade List W: Unyielding AP Sentinel Forest Scout LL and RL at Market76

Here is a list of items I have available to trade. I am interested in OE AP sentinel pieces as well in forest and heavy combat. Also interested in rare apperal. I am not interested in leader bobbleheads, btats or magazines.


OE sturdy Leather WWR poison resist RL

OE Heaven Metal WWR 1A Chest

Bolstering Heavy Combat Sentinel Fire resist LA

Bolstering Heave Combat Sentinel Rad Resist LA

Bolstering Untracite WWR 1S LL

Unyielding Heavy Metal sentinel enviro resist LA


B 25/25 HM

BE 25 HM

BE 25 Fixer

B 25 90 Tesla

B 50 crit chance 15 RL EM

B 25 1A Chainsaw

AA 25/25 Reg Laser

AA 50/25 HM


AA 25/25 HF

Q 25/15 RL Cryolator


Q 25/15 Railway

QE 25 Railway

Q 25/25 HM

QE 25 Fixer

QE 15RL Double barrel

V 25/25 Gat Plasma.

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