H: Trades W: Offers at Market76

Mainly looking for junk, flux, heavy weapons or the rare apparels listed below.


Forest Camo JS, Whitepowder JS, Tattered Field Jacket, Leather Coat, Travelling Leather Coat, Red Asylum Uniform, Responder’s Fireman Helmet



Loon Mask


QE50DR (mule); Ber5015r; QEGho; VE250; JE250; I2525; V50vh25; Q25Aim25; Mut2525, Q2590; JugE+1A


ExeE15r (mule); AA25MS; Q50vh15c; TS2515r; Ber50250; J2515r; Mut2515r; B2590


Noc2515r; V25+1P (mule); AriE250; JE+1A; TSE; AARAP15c; AA25Aim25; AAE250; AA5015c; B50vh15r; Jug50vh15c; Jug50vh25; TSE+1A; VE+1A; VE90; B25+1P; TS25LastShot; TSE15c;

Heavy Weapons:

TS2590 AGL (mule); V25ffr Flamer; TS25 LMG; TS25MS LMG; TS5015c Fat Man; Mut50L250 AGL; MutSlayerE250 50 cal; Jug25Aim90 Flamer; I2515c Gatling Gun; I50MS Fat Man; G2550DR 50 cal; Exe50L15r AGL; Ber2590 Flamer; AriE 50 cal; AAE Mini; AA25250 Gatling Laser; AA25 50 cal; JE LMG; TS50hv AGL; V2515r LMG; BE90 Mini; BE25 50 cal


Level 5 Yellow Baseball Bat; Lvl 45 Pink Bat; AA40+1S Shishkebab;


Camo Backpack; Cave Cricket Tube; Circus Stairs; Grim Reaper Vault Boy Cutout; Junkyard Fountain; Mirelurk King Tube; Nuka Girl Area Rug; Nuka World Cowboy Duster; Pepper Shaker; Safari Gorilla Backpack; SBQ Plushie; Scorched Tube; Snallygaster Plushie; Tomb Stones; Titan Plushie; Wall Safe; Wanamingo Plushie; Yao Guai Tube; Formula P Recipe, Sheriff’s Hat

Pipe Weapons:

AriE15c Pipe Bolt Action Pistol; QE25 Pipe Revolver


Mut40SS90; Ari40PADur; GhoulSlayer40PA+1S


Enclave Aligned Sniper Barrels; Enclave Refined and Severe Beta Tuners

Other Weapons:

AA50vh25 Black Powder Rifle; AA25250 Combat Rifle; Ber5015R Combat Rifle; Exe2515r Lever Action Rifle; IE25 Combat Shotgun; JugE Hunting Rifle; JE Black Powder Rifle; MutE90 Combat Rifle; Q25 SMG; Q25 Gamma Gun; V25Breaks50%Slower Cryolator; J2590 SMG; Ber5050DUR Crossbow; I5015c Bow; Q50limbdmg15r Harpoon Gun

Unrolled EPRs: 1x EPR with Stab Auto Barrel, Stab Stock & Reflex Sight; 1x EPR with Aligned Auto Barrel, Stab Stock & Reflex Sight; 1x EPR with True Splitter, Stab Stock & Reflex Sight; 1x EPR with Stab Flamer Barrel, Stab Stock & Reflex Sight; 1x EPR with Aligned Flamer Barrel, Stab Stock & Reflex Sight

Misc Items: Trench Mask, Lou’s Detonator, Dove Necklace, Commendation

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