H: USA, FSA, WPJS, Fixers, Armor, Plans, 2m+ worth of junk, etc W: TFJ, LC, & Red Asylum – last three pieces I need at Market76

As title states. Pretty much everything I have of value for those 3 pieces so I can be done collecting apparel.

Apparel: White Powder Jumpsuit, USA Mask, FSA Mask, 2x Winter Man Mask, Crazy Guy Mask, Hunters Long Coat, Longshoreman, and all the event outfits (Fireman, Pirate, Grafton, etc)

Junk: 30k Aluminum, 10k Ballistic Fiber, 5k Black Titanium, 25k Bone Shards, 5k Circuits, 5k Concrete, 30k Copper, 5k Cork, 30k Crystal, 30k Adhesive, 10k Fiberglass, 20k Glass, 100k Lead, 30k Gears, 10k Screws, 15k Springs, 50k Plastic, 50k Nuclear Waste, 5k Asbestos, 50k Cloth, 5k Fertilizer, 30k Leather, 30k Rubber, 10k Silver, 300 Cobalt, 2k Crimson, 2k Florescent, 5k Violet, 1k Yellowcake, 300k Steel, 10k Ultracite, 50k Acid, 15k Antiseptic, 5k Oil, 30k Wood


Weapon Type Prefix Major Minor 10mm Pistol Junkies Explosive 90% RW 10mm Pistol (lvl 5) Mutant’s Explosive +250 DR Reload 10mm SMG Junkies 25% FFR 15% Reload 50 Cal Anti Armor Explosive — 50 Cal Furious 25% FFR 90% RW 50 Cal Furious Explosive +1 PER 50 Cal Junkies 25% FFR 90% RW 50 Cal Troubleshooter’s Explosive 25% Less VATS Baseball Bat – Indigo — — — Baseball Bat – Yellow Juggernaut Replenish AP 90% RW Baseball Bat – Yellow Bloodied 40% Faster SS 15% Less DMG BLK EPR (Flame/Rflx/Stab) Anti Armor 25% FFR 15% Reload Fixer Anti Armor Explosive +1 AGI Fixer Anti Armor Explosive +250 DR Reload Fixer Anti Armor Replenish AP 15% Reload Fixer Aristrocrat’s 25% FFR 25% Less VATS Fixer Aristrocrat’s 25% FFR 25% Less VATS Fixer Bloodied 25% FFR +250 DR Reload Fixer Bloodied 25% FFR Stealth Fixer Bloodied Explosive +15% VATS crits Fixer Bloodied Explosive FMSWA Fixer Furious 25% FFR 15% Reload Fixer Hunters 25% FFR 25% Less VATS Fixer Juggernaut Explosive 25% Less VATS Fixer Nocturnal 25% FFR 90% RW Fixer Quad 25% FFR +250 DR Reload Fixer Quad +50% Crit DMG 90% RW Fixer Quad +50% Crit DMG Break Slower Fixer Quad Explosive +1 AGI Fixer Quad Explosive +1 PER Fixer Quad Explosive Faster Movement Fixer Troubleshooters 25% FFR 25% Less VATS Fixer Two Shot 25% FFR 25% Less VATS Fixer Vampire’s 25% FFR 25% Less VATS Fixer Vampire’s Explosive 15% Reload Fixer Vampire’s Explosive 25% Less VATS Fixer Vampire’s Explosive Faster Movement Gatling Gun Junkie’s Explosive Faster Movement Gatling Gun Quad Explosive Faster Movement Handmade Bloodied +50% Crit DMG +15% VATS Crits Handmade Furious Explosive +50 DR Aiming Handmade Juggernaut’s 25% FFR Faster Movement Handmade Junkies 25% FFR — Handmade Junkies Explosive +1 PER Handmade Two Shot Explosive Faster Movement Lever Junkies Explosive +15% VATS Crits Lever Two Shot Explosive Faster Movement Lever Vampire’s Explosive — LMG Furious Explosive +1 PER Meat Hook Anti Armor 40% FSS +1 STR Minigun Anti Armor 25% FFR +50 DR Aiming Minigun Assassin’s Explosive 90% RW Minigun Juggernaut’s Explosive Stealth Field Minigun Nocturnal Explosive 25% Less VATS Minigun Two Shot Explosive — Radium Rifle Bloodied 25% FFR +50 DR Aiming Shotgun (Combat) Quad Explosive 90% RW Shotgun (DB) Anti Armor Explosive +250 DR Reload Shotgun (DB) Bloodied Explosive +50 DR Aiming Shotgun (Pump) Furious 25% FFR 15% Reload SMG Anti Armor Explosive +50 DR Aiming Tesla Rifle Quad 25% FFR —


Armor Type Body Part Prefix Major Minor Combat – Light Chest Chameleon Powered Sneak Combat – Sturdy Left Leg Overeaters Powered AWR Combat – Sturdy Right Leg Vanguard Powered Sentinel’s Combat – Heavy Left Leg Auto Stim Powered Sneak Combat – Heavy Left Leg Regenerating Powered Cavalier’s Combat – Heavy Right Arm Overeaters +1 STR Sentinel’s Combat – Heavy Right Leg Overeaters +1 STR Sentinel’s Forest Scout Left Leg Vanguard +1 STR Sentinel’s Forest Scout Right Arm Overeaters H&T Grow Slower Sneak Forest Scout Right Leg Mutant’s Powered Sentinel’s Forest Scout Right Leg Unyielding +25 RR Cavalier’s Leather – Sturdy Chest Unyielding +1 STR Sneak Leather – Sturdy Left Leg Unyielding +1 AGI Sentinel’s Leather – Sturdy Right Arm Assassin’s Powered Cavalier’s Marine Chest Chameleon Powered Sneak Marine Chest Unyielding +25 PR Sentinel’s Marine Left Arm Chameleon Powered Cavalier’s Marine Left Leg Bolstering +1 STR Sentinel’s Marine Right Leg Vanguard +25% DR Sentinel’s Metal – Sturdy Left Arm Vanguard’s Powered Sneak Metal – Sturdy Right Arm Unyielding +1 STR Sneak Raider – Sturdy Left Arm Unyielding +1 STR Sentinel’s Robot – Heavy Chest Weightless Powered Sentinel’s Robot – Heavy Left Leg Chameleon Powered Sentinel’s Trapper Chest Assassin’s Powered Sentinel’s Urban Scout Chest Bolstering +1 STR Sentinel’s Urban Scout Chest Chameleon Powered Sneak Urban Scout Left Arm Bolstering Powered Sentinel’s Urban Scout Left Arm Overeaters Powered Sneak Urban Scout Left Arm Weightless Powered Cavalier’s Urban Scout Right Arm Unyielding +1 STR Sentinel’s Wood (lvl 5) Chest Vanguard Powered Sentinel’s Wood Left Arm Mutant’s Powered Sentinel’s Wood Left Leg Bolstering Powered Sentinel’s Wood Right Arm Auto Stim Powered Sentinel’s

Power Armor:

5/5/5 Assassins / Powered / Sentinel Ultracite with 1 jetpack arm 5/?/5 Assassins / mixed / Cavaliers Ultracite PA set with jetpack on both arms Prototype X-01 Torso Cham / 7% Less Exp / Sent Ultracite Left Arm: Vanguard / Powered / Cavalier’s with Jetpack Ultracite Left Leg: Cham / Powered / Sentinel

Collection of Explosive rails:

Anti-Armor / E / +50 DR Aiming, Assassins / E / 25% VATS, B / E / +15% vc, Berk / E / 25% VATS, Ext / E / AGI, F / E / +250 DR, Hunt / E / PER, Inst / E, Jug / E / +15% vc, J / E / FMSWA, Medics / E / FMSWA, Mutant Slayers / E / VATS Crits, Mutants / E / Break, Noc / E, Quad / E , Stalkers / E / FMSWA, Suppressors / E, Troubleshooters / E, TS / E / +250 DR, Vamp / E / PER, and Zealot’s / E / PER

A Bunch of Rare Plans:

All Daily Ops, All Mole Miner, All Fasnatch, All “Grahm” including new ones, All Spooky Scorched, Stimpak Diffuser, Bear Arm, Radiation Barrel, The Fixer, Backpack Mods (High Capacity, Armor Plated, & Insulated), Hachet Electro Fusion, Machete Sacrificial Blade, Ultracite Emergency Protocols, Kinetic Dynamo, Overdrive Servos, Welded Rebar, a full serum recipe set and others.

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