H: weapons to trade W: apparel/guns/junk at Market76

AA2525 fixer
VE50bs fixer 40k
B50c15c fixer 80k
AA2515r fixer 60k
AAE25 elder mark
ZE25 elder mark
Q2515r ultra laser
AA2515c Nu laser 60k
Med50c25 Nu laser 15k
J50h25 Nu laser 15k
Q50c15c assault rifle 25k
VE15r Tommy
VE50bs Tommy 15k
BER50c25 lever action 10k
Ins50c25 dragon 40k
AA2515r gauss rifle 30k
AA2525 railway 60k
B1515 aligned short barrel epr
M25250 epf 80k
M2525 enclave sniper
BER50c25 enclave sniper
JUG50c25 enclave sniper/flamer
TS50c15r enclave sniper/flamer
V50c25 enclave pistol (all standard)
AA2515r gamma
AA25250 holy fire
B50c25 holy fire
GOU2550bs holy fire 40k
TR2525 holy fire
TS2550bs gatling plasma
TS50c15c cyro
Q50c15c cyro
Q50c25 broadsider
J50c25 gatling laser 10k
VE50drwa Gatling gun 10k
Ex40pa1s ripper
F40pa40 drill
B40pa40 bear arm
V40ss90 chainsaw
Ari40pa15c chainsaw 10k
AA50l50bs chainsaw 10k
Vss15v super sledge 10k

Put cap values on some guns, will only be able to take so much
Apparel is king but I also really like flux trades 🙂

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