[PC] H: Shielded Lining Casual Underarmor plan, full T-45 and T-51b plans, T-60 plans & more W: Caps, btats, offers at Market76

List of plans:

BOS Officer Uniform BOS Soldier Uniform Dense Robot Armor Lining Dense Raider Armor Torso Radioactive Barrel Sheepsquatch Staff (x2) Shielded Lining Casual Underarmor Sledgehammer Heavy Spiked Rocket Spiked Walking Cane T-45 PA pieces (1 full set, extra Helm, CP and RA) T-51b PA pieces (1 RL, 10+ Helm, LA, LL, RA) T-60 PA pieces (3 CP, 2 Helm, 4 LL, 1 RA, 2 RL)

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