[PS] H: Caps, Ammo, Flux, Bubbleheads, Stealth Boys, BP Mods, Serum Recipes, Best Trade In Value – W: Various junks (List on Description) at Market76

First of all I’m not trading anything except for the junk listed and the values you see are personal trade in values for the stuff I want…

Junk I’m looking for:

Lead =2c

Plastic = 2c

Oil = 3c

Copper = 4c

Acid = 4c

Ultracite= 10c

Various stuff I got for trade:

Caps = 1c

Regular Ammo except Cores = 1c

Ultra ammo except Cores = 1c

Cobalt Flux = 150c

Crimson Flux = 110c

Fluorescent Flux = 100c

Violet Flux = 130c

Yellocake Flux 120c

Bubbleheads ANY except leaders = 150c

Stealth Boy Regular = 60c

Stealth Boy MK3 = 120c

BP High Capacity = 12k Caps

BP Armor Plated = 11k Caps

BP Lead Lined = 11k Caps

Serum Recipes Any Type = 6k Caps

Feel free to ask for stuff I don’t have listed except WEAPONS OR ARMOR since I have plenty more stuff just to lazy to list it all…

Things I don’t have or won’t trade:

Any magazine

AB rounds

Leader Bubbleheads

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