(xbox) H: Overeaters scout armors you might need W: to swap for other similar Overeaters scout armors at Market76

Hi, if you need any of these pieces, please offer something similar in return, that way we can make mutually beneficial swaps. Im only after scout armors right now.

Got duplicate limbs or ones you aren’t attached to? Swap for one of mine 🙂

Lets try to make some sets!

If i have multiple matching pieces, id prefer to build towards completing that set, but that can be negotiated too

● Overeaters scout armor.

Oe/sent/+25cryo USA Chest.
Oe/sent/+S USA Chest.
Oe/sent/+I USA LA
Oe/sent/+25poison FSA LL.
Oe/sent/+L FSA RL.
Oe/sent/+P FSA LL
Oe/sent/+P FSA RA
Oe/sent/+25rad FSA Chest
Oe/sent/+25rad FSA LA
Oe/sent/h&t USA LL
Oe/sent/h&t USA RA
Oe/sent/h&t USA RL
Oe/sent/h&t FSA RL
Oe/sent/h&t FSA RL

Oe/ap/limb FSA LL.
Oe/ap/100fire FSA LL.
Oe/ap/jwr USA Chest
Oe/ap/water USA LL.
Oe/ap/awr USA LL. (On hold)

Oe/cav/h&t FSA Chest
Oe/cav/+25edr USA Chest.
Oe/cav/+E USA LL.
Oe/cav/+25cryo FSA LL
Oe/cav/+A FSA RA
Oe/cav/+25fire USA Chest.
Oe/cav/+25fire FSA RL

Oe/wwr/+25poison FSA LL
Oe/wwr/+P FSA LA
Oe/wwr/+P FSA RA
Oe/wwr/+C USA Chest
Oe/wwr/+E USA Chest
Oe/wwr/+A USA LA
Oe/wwr/+25cryo USA RA
Oe/wwr/+25cryo USA RA
Oe/wwr/+25cryo FSA RL

Oe/7%/doc FSA LA
Oe/7%/100poison FSA LA
Oe/7%/awr FSA LL
Oe/7%/rdwb FSA RA
Oe/7%/jwr FSA LA
Oe/7%/jwr USA RA
Oe/7%/100energy FSA RL
Oe/7%/50bs USA RA
Oe/7%/50bs USA RL
Oe/7%/100frost FSA LA
Oe/7%/100frost USA LL
Oe/7%/100frost FSA RL

Oe/7%/100fire USA Chest (need this in FSA)
Oe/7%/100fire FSA LA
Oe/7%/100fire FSA LL
Oe/7%/100fire FSA RA
Oe/7%/100fire FSA RL

Oe/fdc/+E FSA LA
Oe/fdc/+I FSA LL
Oe/fdc/h&t FSA RA
Oe/fdc/+S FSA RL
Oe/fdc/+L USA LA
Oe/fdc/+25fire FSA LA
Oe/fdc/+25fire FSA RA (on main)
Oe/fdc/+25rad FSA Chest
Oe/fdc/+25rad USA LL
Oe/fdc/+25rad USA RA

ALSO, I’m looking for:

●Oe/Sent/+25 poison FSA LA

●Weightless/AP/wwr FSA RL
(You want to trade it to me! You know who you are lol)

●Q50Limb90 Pepper Shaker

I have more stuff i can trade for these too

Things other people are looking for:
(Oe/fdc/+A USA RA, Oe/ap/fdc USA LA&RA)

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