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NukaTrader is a research tool/platform created for the trading community of Fallout 76. The platform is developed and maintained by Dash (aka digitdash in fo76). I’ve been an avid player of Fallout 76 for what seems like a lifetime (PC), and one particular aspect of the game that I have the most interest in is the in-game trading mechanics. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I feel it’s time that I share what Ive learned with the community. There are various tools, components and guides which Id like to release for public use as I think they would be useful, with the first component being a database of up to date price evaluations for just about all in-game items. One of the key highlights of Nukatrader is that I’ve taken the approach of individually deriving valuations for each item based on factors such as real world demand, drop rates and item scarcity  To accomplish this, I’ve spent countless hours server hopping and conducting market research for all tradable items spanning thousands of unique vendors as well as across Fallout 76 trading communities such as Market76 on Reddit. NukaTrader  is essentially the end result of such  efforts. A unique  feature that I’ve developed is displaying the recommended price converted to currently flux prices, as Caps are often difficult (if not impossible) to use when  purchasing items above 40,0000 caps due to the imposed max caps limit. In the near future, I also plan on also displaying conversions in various  scrap/components to make such trades easier to conduct. There are various other interesting tools and features which id like to add to the site, which I’m sure you will see with time. 

Should you come across an item that seems to be off in price, please use the report feature to let us know why you think the evaluations is off. Please keep in mind that the evaluations were done initially based on actual prices set forth based on the prices we’ve encountered in the game as well as taking into account rarity and overall demand.

NukaTrader aims to eventually offer a  efficient, and centralized resource/platform for players to both find items they are looking for as well as to help players in conducting smarter trades using tools such as historical pricing stats over time. This resource is still in the very early stages, so please bare with me as the site is being developed. Should you come across any issues or have questions pertaining to the site, feel free to reach out to me at support@nukatrader.com. Lastly, I’d like to personally say thank you for supporting Nukatrader in these early stages. With your help, I hope to provide the Fallout 76 community  with a valuable resource able to  enhance the overall in-game trading experience.

Please Note: currently the site is set to display valuations for PC platform, however there is a feature I’m working on at the moment which should make viewing prices both easy and intuitive for your native platform. This feature should be  released in the near future so stay tuned!

How do I know prices aren't fixed?

To be blunt, you don’t. For what its worth though, I do my best to valuate items based on multiple real world encounters along with external trading posts such as Reddit. Any valuations you see on the site are formulated with MULTIPLE data points, never just with a single set for obvious reaasons. Also for what its worth, there are no monetary motives from putting together such a platform. Rather I’ve done so out of my own necessity for such a platform and Id likely be using it privately even if I had not made it public. NukaTrader is nothing more than a tool set up to help you quickly and efficiently make valuations for items and maximizing the return you get for them. The actual figures themselves make no difference to me or the platform in any way,.

Lastly, we’ve added a way for users to submit reports on any valuations that seem off, as they very well could be By reporting it through this feature, we’ll take the extra time to do more research for that particular item and put it on our item watch list for closer monitoring, ultimately leading to more accurate results.

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