Site Updates

Recent Site Updates - Changelog

9/3/22 (LATEST)

  • Beta version of dark mode for the site was released – You can try it out by using the selector in the bottom right corner.


  • Updated Bookmarking feature to display latest prices
  • Started uploading photos for plans and apparel – eventually would like to have 100% of all apparel and images displaying what all of the plans make


  • Updated all plans with proper categories, can now be filtered by them.
  • ¬†Components were missing after a database upgraded, restored all components back.
  • A few prices were updated due to an influx of plans/apparel during Meat Week
  • Performance optimizations were made such as adding proper server side caching, image lazy loading, JS/CSS minification and other components to maintain a fast user experience
  • Security optimizations were also made to make it more difficult for malicious bots to stay on the site, which can slow things down.


  • Added a Reddit trade post aggregator to easily search between two marketplaces on a single page for your specific platform.
  • Updated most apparel with drop rates and locations. Some images have been added for apparel as well.

7/31/22 – I accidentally reverted the rare apparel stuff in the
database during migration prior to refactoring with proper drop rates.
Apparel pricing should all be fixed now. Sorry about that , was my

7/26/22 – Updated Grahm, Encryptid, Free Range, Gifts, and Meet Week plan prices and drop rates for better accuracy.

7/24/22 – Added secure social login/registration (including Steam)